Thursday, September 19, 2019

My first mission teams to PdP

Well I didn’t plan on having teams but it kinda just happened lol. Donna was coming to PdP on a trip she had already planned and was looking to help me in my clinic. It happened to perfectly fit for her to help with interviews for the launch of outreach sponsorship. Donna also brought pillow case dresses and little boy shorts that were handed out to all the outreach kids. The family loved them!

Misty and Micky reached out and planned a trip last minute with the main purpose being to help me with sponsorship but also to see their friends and Haiti family. They stayed at my house and we had a little camp set up in my bedroom it was a little tight and cozy having 2 mosquito bug tents did devotions with the families about the paralyzed man whose friends took him to see Jesus and lowered him through the roof. They talked about the importance of community. They then gave each family a bath towel to represent the Matt the man was carried on. We had a fun outing with the Miriam Center boys and Mary Julie to the pool, we met up with Michelda who Misty calls her Haitian daughter, we went to Miriam Center church, had 2 of the Miriam Center boys that Micky sponsors have a sleepover. It was a crazy busy 5 days of ministry together.

Epic evening/morning Den-Den and Joshua went on vacation and a sleep over at my house in pdp. Our evening was full of people watching (Joshua loves my living room window view of street), made French bread pizza, brownies, movie. Sleeping in, matching NWHCM staff shirts, picnic at stand building overlooking the ocean, moto ride. So much fun!

Miriam Center Church. The kids were looking spiffy in there new matching shirts that Michelle Mickey Bartlett and Misty Werley got them. Such a fun day loving on the kids

Misty has had a long lasting friendship with Michelda and every time she comes to Haiti she makes sure to bring her a dress and a doll. It is precious to see there friendship

(see the blogpost titles Pool Adventures)
Highlight of the trip for sure was the pool!

I also had a church from Oklahoma come to the NWHCM and their physical therapist shelly collected 8 or 9 bags full of therapy supplies for both the Miriam Center and the Outreach Center. What a blessing those supplies with be to both programs. It was also wonderful to have Shelly come and help for the day at the outreach center. I really needed some PT advice on a few kids.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019


The outreach fun activity this month was for 3 groups of outreach families and it was a beach day. We all piled into big truck and were so squished like sardines and did a 45 minute off roading trip to a beautiful beach. We had almost 40 families in attendance. This is the first year that most of the parents got in the water with the kids which made my life and my staff’s lives way easier as we could each focus on 1 or 2 kids whose parents didn’t want to get in instead of trying to rotate 40 kids in the water with 6 people. The kids had a blast many of them this being their first beach trip experience. So many proud parents taking pictures of their kids in the water, smiling and laughing with their kids as they splashed around. We believe events like this are important to fostering parent child bonding as well as community. It was so awesome to see the families interacting with each other and helping each other out. Overall it was a wonderful Day

I was not in Haiti for this trip but my staff said it was a wonderful day full of lots of fun, laughter, sun, swimming and food. This group got way more involved in playing in the sand which is fun! Lots of parents got involved with swimming with their kids. They shared a meal and then received their monthly vitamins. It was an overall GREAT DAY!