Tuesday, April 14, 2009

How Great Is Our God...Indescribable

The past few days in my quiet time I have been learning and studying about the grandeur of my God. On youtube there are 2 different 5 segment sermons based off of 2 of Chris Tomlin’s songs How great is our God and Indescribable. The talks are done by Lou Giglio and I encourage anyone to go and listen to these. They will blow you away and make you step back and think and put your life in perspective.
The past few days, I have been blown away by God’s greatness. I quickly have learned how really, really, really big so much bigger than I ever thought or realized is the God I worship. I worship a massive God of glory and grace. A God who is able to hold me together no matter what circumstances may come my way. My God holds the universe in His hands. I used to say this statement all the time but now I have a better understanding of what that means. I have never been much into astrology but there is so much to learn about God in it.
We live in the planet earth and earth is a very small part of the Milky Way Galaxy one of hundreds of millions of galaxies in the universe. The Milky Way is 100,00 light years away and our solar system is the size of a quarter and the Milky Way the size of the continent of North America. The Milky Way Galaxy has billions of stars in it. If we were to count 1 star per second it would take 2,500 years to count just the stars in the Milky Way Galaxy. WOW!!!
Neil Armstrong on his way back to earth after walking on the moon stated “ I remember on the way home on Apollo II it suddenly struck me that the tiny pee figure pretty and blue was the earth. I put my thumb up and shut one eye and my thumb blotted out earth. But I did not feel like a giant, I felt very, very small.” One of the psalmist wrote “I look at your heaven’s and the stars that you have set in place, what is man that you are mindful of him or the son of man that you care for him.” That is how I feel…who am I a little spec. We are so small but it is significant, insignificance because as small as we are, we are prized by majesty who sent for us and knows us and loves us even though we are teeny, tiny little people, living on a spec floating through the vas cosmos that he created. Just as God knows every star in heaven and has named them and placed them just where he wants them, so it is with us. He knows each of us by name, has placed us just where he wants us and He holds us together. WOW!! It is amazing to think about how big he is that we know his name.
I could go through star after star that I have learned about the past few days and how amazing and marvelous God is and how these stars cry out the glory of God. But, for time and space sake I will talk about 1. The Darling of Astronomy- The Whirlpool Galaxy. It is 31 million light years away and is made up of hundreds of billions of stars. With the Huble telescope they were able to look into the black hole in the center of the whirlpool Galaxy and you know what they found…..the shape of a cross. WOW!!! All creation declares the glory of God. The grace of God is everywhere.

What is just as amazing as looking at the universe and how big and grand it is, is looking at the human body God’s fingerprints are all over it. St. Augustine said, “men go abroad to wonder at the height of mountains. The huge waves of the sea, the long course of rivers, the vast compass of the ocean, the circular motion of the stars, but they pass by themselves and don’t even notice.” How true that statement is. We don’t even realize the miracle of who we are. We are fearfully and wonderfully made by the God of the heavens. There is also so much I learned about the human body and our DNA that blew me away, but the thing that blew me away the most was the protein Laminin. Laminin is a little protein molecule that is a cell adhesion molecule. This protein is like our backbone it is holding your membranes together and it is the glue of the human body. What is so amazing about Laminen is that it is shaped like a cross. WOW! The stuff that is holding my body together is in the shape of the cross of my Lord Jesus Christ. Col 1- talks about how all things were created by and for Him. Jesus is before all things and in him all things are HELD TOGETHER! Do you know that there are millions and millions of micro crosses holding you together right now and 1 giant glorious cross of Jesus Christ that’s holding everyone of us who have trusted in Him! Now we see the little details God put in our body and in the universe to make stand back and stand in AWE of Him. There is so much we still don’t see or know and will never know. But one thing is for sure. We serve a grand, mighty, powerful, gracious, faithful, loving God.
Sin makes us think God is smaller than what he is. The fall tricked us to think we are so important, but maybe we aren’t as important as we thought we were. Maybe our lives are not as grand as we made them out to be. Don’t get me wrong, we are loved unconditionally by God. He breathed life into us and made us in His image and likeness. He even sent His one and only son to die on the cross for our sins. Oh How He Loves us! But, we are but a grain of sand in this huge universe that God holds in his hands. How amazing His love for us. The cross is even more amazing after looking at the rest of the universe. How amazing that long before I decided what I was going to do for and with God. God decided what he was going to do with me and that was to not give me what my sins deserve but to give His son what my sins deserved. Instead of giving me what I deserve instead he offered me a personal relationship with Him to live forever in a bi story all about Him. How amazing that God casts our sins as far as the east is from the west.
Listen to God speaking through his creation. God says I am the universe maker and I am a heart former but I am also big enough to be intimately aquainted with all the circumstances of your life and I promise you no matter what comes in this lifetime, no matter how difficult the road or how dark the night I will hold on to you and I will literally hold you together and carry you through any circumstances that come your way, any moment on this planet.
I challenge all of you and myself to stand in Awe of God and realize just how big he is and how small we are, but at the same time how unconditionally God loves us and how special and important we are to Him, He has called us his sons and daughter that is how intimately He loves us and cares for us. He cares for us as a Father cares for his children.

Friday, April 10, 2009


I decided to start a blog so that when I return to haiti this summer for a month long internship working with my kids down there I will have a way to keep in touch with everyone back home and share all the wonderful things I know God will do. Also so when I start my internships and move away I will have an easy way to keep in touch.

I chose to name my blog overflow for a couple of reasons. First after a song we sing at my church in Erie called Overflow written by Brian and Rachel Lusky. The following are the Lyrics:
As you call me near, I come
Drawn with holy fear and awe
Into heaven’s doors to see u as you are
You who formed the earth with your hands
Sun and moon shine at your command
Who can know the vastness of the Lord most high

Bridge 1
As I draw near I offer my life to my Jesus
Who fills me with mercy and grace
As I go out I will open my eyes and awaken
You will be a blessing through me

You’re the overflow
The sustainer of my soul
Pouring out of me
Living water for the weary
Bless me so I might be a blessing
Heal me so I might bring healing
Cover me, so that I might be a covering
For you

Its because of you, I must go
Sent to tell the world and to show
Friend or enemy, the love I com to know
Where confusion reigns I will be peace
Where there are bondaged chains bring release
Where there are tears and pain, may I be the joy of the morning

Bridge 1


Bridge 2
Heal me with your love o Lord, pour out till I overflow (4x)
My deepest cry of my heart is to be Christ's servant, to go wherever he calls me. I want to be His hands and His feet on this earth. I want to overflow into the lives off those around me. I want people to look at me and know there is something different about me by the way I act and the love I am able to pour out. I want the Lord to bless me so that I can be a blessing. For him to heal me so that I might bring healing, to cover me so that I might be a covering to the broken and weak, to the weary and meak. The Lord is the sustainer of my soul and I want that to pour out of me.
The second reason I named this blog overflow, is because I will write in it when I have thoughts that I want to overflow out of me and into those around me. When God is doing amaizng things, I just can't hold it in and want to tell people. Well, this is a great way for me to do that when I am far away. I know God is going to do some amazing things this summer and this coming year and I anticipate finding out and living them out.