Wednesday, March 23, 2016


ENJOY some fun photos from PARTY WEEK!!!! The Miriam Center is so thankful for Allison and Lacie who came and showered the kids with love and attention all week. Taking them to the beach...throwing a girls night party....throwing a boys night party....chicken box dinners....introducing animals that grow in water, Movie night, Shaving cream party and so much more. Hope you enjoy a glimpse into the week :-)

Monday, March 21, 2016

FUN TIMES...HIGHLIGHTS from last 3 months

I just had some fun random pictures I wanted to so this is more or a less a fun post with some fun picture :-)

The 2 Amigos...Double Love these 2! 

Kem and Minushe LOVE...LOVE...LOVE their new baby dolls
and take them everywhere to bed, school...EVERYWHERE!!! lol 

Nighttime Routine is my favorite. I love to get giggles and smiles from the kids
As I say goodnight. Here is one of Lovejinnie's giggles 

Kem is such a fashion queen. She loves when she gets new dresses 

Ever since Steven started walking he has been walking up a storm.
He walked right through his first pair of shoes and this is him getting his second pair. 

The kids love making crafts and it is a great way to work on FM skills. 

The kids start with music and worship at the beginning of school each day. 

Tamara loves swinging in and out of the rain on the swing :-)

Note to self...the kids love obstacle courses!

Sunday morning church makes me happy and even more so when I see the kids smiling
like this during church!

Board Games are the best!
The kids loved the new frog game....Ribbot!

Yes...Yes Marble works is this EXCITING!