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Go 4 Haiti...Nahum's Vision & Dream

Many of you know Nahum from the past few years of me sharing about him but a quick overview.

A silly picture of our therapy Team. Residue, Nahum, Nicholson, & Myself back in 2013

 I started working with Nahum the summer of 2011. He started out at the Miriam Center as a translator and quickly realized his passion and calling was therapy. He wanted to become an occupational therapist. I spent the summer of 2011 training him to do therapy with the kids & created treatment plans for him to follow while I was not in Haiti.  WATCH THE FIRST 2 MINUTES OF THE VIDEO BELOW TO SEE HIM INTERACTING WITH THE KIDS THROUGH THERAPY....

At that point we did not know of any therapy schools in Haiti. He did some research and eventually found Loma Linda Universities Rehab Tech program in PAP. He visited and we went through the process to get him enrolled. He started an 18 month Rehab Tech program last year. He is currently finishing up his first of 3 three month clinical rotations. He is learning a ton and God has given him an AMAZING vision for where to go after he graduates in September of this year.

God has given Nahum a vision and dream for special needs care in Haiti. Over the last few months through much prayer and though Nahum has created an organization called Go 4 Haiti standing for Gateway of Opportunity for Haiti.

His Website is: (CLICK ON IT to visit)

The following has been taken from the website He created...They are His words....His vision...His initiative...

"People with disabilities are forgotten in Haiti; our goal is to remember them and allow God to use us as a point of contact to bring them healing and hope."

Nahum's Vision

"To encourage growth and development by avoiding doing it for them; Haitians are ready to learn how to fish! Teach them how!"

Nahum's Mission

"To be a gateway of opportunities for Haiti by strategically being involved in education, rehabilitation, and job creation for the purpose of helping and encouraging Haitians to become self-sustaining."

Nahum's Dream

"To address the fundamental issues that prevent growth. Therefore our vision is to see Haitians working and supporting themselves regardless of their physical or mental disadvantages."

3 Areas of Focus

1. REHABILITATION- "we are a refuge center for the handicap and the special needs kids. Our dream is to make the disabled ABLE. Everyday we want to show and teach the Haitian people that kids with special needs are just as important as everyone and there is hope for them. We want to access them physically and psycho-socially and to provide them with a treatment plan. We are not only treating them but also helping them adapt to daily living activities where they can provide a living for themselves. People with physical disabilities are forgotten in Haiti our mission is to remember them and allow God to use us as a point of contact to bring them healing and hope."

2. JOB CREATION- "we are actively seeking to become involved in job creation in Haiti. Obviously we cannot create a job for everyone but our plan is to create employment for the purpose of helping nationals to become self-supporting: as a result our organization will benefit from the revenue generated from our business model which will help us become self-sustained. One business strategy we will apply is farming. We want to start with goat and cattle farming. This will employ some of our special kids and for more intense labor we will hire local men and women in the community. In due time we will start selling meat and milk to the community which will lead to another business operation: butchering. We will open a small community butcher to handle processing and packaging of our own goat and cattle meat and the butcher shop will also be opened to the locals where they can pay a small fee for our services. this is just one example of how we will create jobs and earn money for the organization; well will seek every reasonable business opportunity within our scope of operations to create jobs and income streams to support our mission." 

3.EDUCATION- "We take a holistic approach to educating people in every aspect including academics, christian faith, and economics. Although we are not intending to directly open local churches and schools in order to promote education, we are planning on partnering with existing local churches and schools to promote and support what they are already doing. We will create programs and lesson plans aiming to promote growth and self-reliance. Ultimately, we want the people to know who they are, what they were created to be, and how to become successful Godly people. We believe by collaborating with existing churches and schools we will have a better opportunity to educate and train the Haitians how to think differently. We want to teach them to how to think positively about themselves and their future. We want them to eventually have the "I can do" mentality rather than "I want you to do for me."

PLEASE CONSIDER SUPPORTING NAHUM to get this ministry off the ground. You can CLICK HERE to donate. Please also pray for him as He steps out in faith following God's call. I know I am looking forward to working alongside Nahum & helping him in anyway I can to get this program up & running! It is a dream of mine to see nationals being trained to be therapists and then going out and creating/developing therapy programs. So proud of Nahum! 

Some Pictures of Nahum doing Therapy with the children at the Miriam Center during his 2 week clinical this fall at the Miriam Center. From the pictures you can see his love & passion for therapy.

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Count your blessings, name them one by one, 
Count your blessings, see what God hath done! 
Count your blessings, name them one by one, 
Count your many blessings, see what God hath done. 
And it will surprise you what the Lord hath done.”

WOW! Has an entire year really flown right on by...As I reflect back I canʼt believe how much has happened...I just canʼt help but stand in Awe of God! As I count my MANY BLESSINGS I am completely overwhelmed. The Lord has done so much this year & blessed myself & my ministry beyond what I could have ever asked for or imagined. I am in a place of feeling humbled, incredibly thankful, & anxious to see what God has in store for 2015. ! As I sit here trying to figure out how I can condense a year into a 1 blog...I realize I canʼt...although I want to share EVERYTHING that has been happening...I will share the highlights in my 2 main ministry areas therapy and For Jonathan Sake Outreach Program. For more stories & pictures you can visit previously BLOGs from this year or go & place in the search engine “Autumn Marshall” or become my friend on facebook where I post daily from in Haiti.

I hope after reading this you will be standing in Awe with a thankful heart as well realizing each of you have played a part in my ministry either through prayer, encouragement, financial support or coming & serving in Haiti alongside me. I am praying for each of you. Praying for Godʼs blessing to be upon you & your family. That each and everyone of you will have time to reflect on you year & count your many blessings as well and see what the Lord has done.

A quick update on where I am at...I am currently living in Toledo, OH working a 3 month travel Pediatric OT job in order to earn/save $ to be in Haiti for another 1.5-2 years. While stateside I am also support raising, taking continuing education classes to maintain my OT licensure & increase my knowledge, spending time with family/friends, working on getting healthy again, trying to spiritually rejuvinated, and tackling some projects for Haiti that I could not do in Haiti. ! I wish I could see each and every one of you while I am home in the states for a few months (Nov-1st week March) but I know that is not possible. 

• This year I renovated a new room, moved into it, & made it my home. I realized I can better take care of myself in this new environment & am learning how important that it especially when you live where you minister. I am trying to learn boundaries & take time for myself...that balance between work/ministry and rest.
• I have had a rough year healthwise again. Unfortunately ended up stateside 2 different times with health problems. I am working closely with doctors while I am stateside now for a longer stint to really get healthy & go back strong. I have made alot of changes & am trying to put things in place in Haiti to better maintain my health. I know if I am not healthy I canʼt do my ministry well.
• This year in my quiet time I worked my way through the gospels in chronological order in a study Bible I have. I learned alot. I also the last 2 months I was in Haiti found a prayer/accountability partner from another mission & it was such a blessing to meet 1x a week & check in, pour into each other, and share what God had been teaching us.
• I was blessed to travel to the Cap Haitian area 2x this year to visit other missionaries and see their ministryʼs. What a tremendous blessing that was.
Phoenix Rising October 2014
Justin, one of Haitian staff, Me, Morgan

  • While I am in the states I am taking CEU courses to grow in my knowledge and skills so when I return to Haiti I can train my staff on even more skills and working a full-time travel OT pediatrics job to earn $ to pay my student loans for the next year & half. I really want to learn about APT and Kinesio taping and already took a course in NDT. I am also working on trying to get some barrels packed in Florida & shipped into Haiti & working to figure out how to get wheelchairs & other adaptive equipment into Haiti. 
  • I am headed to Denver at the end of January to visit my Made Known family & to meet their board members. Praying for good weather to fly.
  • Return to Haiti beginning of March for the next 1-2 years to continue serving the beautiful people God has blessed me with the opportunity to serve & live in community with.
  • Continue to grow the therapy program, outreach program, & deepen my relationship with Loma Linda/UNAH rehab tech school and Phoenix Rising. I am also working to get CEU courses brought into Haiti to train nationals.
  • Visit Heather & Papitoʼs Ministry FootPrints Of The Son ministry in Tierrer Rouge
  • Visit my friends in Cap Haitian, Haiti at Emmanual Seminary, Radio 4VEH, and Kids Alive.
  • Spiritually I will be seeking a more intimate prayer • Increase my fluency in Kreole so I can better communicate
Therapy Team 2014
Nicholson, Me, Presidue, Carlos

  1.  Finished construction on our new therapy room! 
  2. Each child at the Miriam Home now has an up to date treatment and receives 1 hour of therapy per week. The kids get so excited for their time in the therapy room & work so hard. I just love seeing them making progress
  3. Partnering with Loma Linda University/UNAH Rehab Tech Program to take & supervise Haitian students for their level 1 & 2 clinicalʼs. This year I had 2 three month students (Carlos & Johnson) and 3 two week students (Nahum, Patricia, Laura). I even got the opportunity to go PAP in September to attend graduation for my level 2 students.
  4. Getting the chance to work alongside Phoenix Rising Orthopedic/ Prosthetic/PT team 3 different weeks this year in PdP. So many of our kids & staff were blessed to be treated by them & my students & myself learned so much from our time with them as well.
  5. Getting the chance to work alongside the October orthopedic surgery team & that 8 of the FJS outreach kiddos or their parents got needed surgery.
  6. Having Leah & Allyson both OT students from the states come & intern this summer. As well as having 4 therapists come on short- term trips & spend time with us. What a blessing it was to have each of them & Serve alongside them.
  7. Creating a pediatric hands on training manual to use with my interns, LLU students, & therapy staff. The training includes massage, therapy brushing, stretching, therapy ball, feeding/oral- motor, sensory integration, evaluations, handwriting, cutting, etc.
  8. We were blessed to not only get some awesome Therapy Equipment donated but to also have groups that carried it into Haiti. The piece of equipment we use the most is the pediatric stander.
  9. Nahum has finished his first year of Rehab Tech School & Nicholson applied & was accepted & will start March 2015. So excited & thankful they are able to get further training & a college education in order to make a greater impact!
  10. Hiring Carlos my first Haitian Therapist. He was one of my interns & after graduation he accepted the position. We are beyond 
    blessed to have him as part of our team.
    Loma Linda Graduation for Rehab Tech Program in September for Carlos & Johnson

  • Find, train, hire a new therapy assistant to replace Nicholson as he heads to school.
  • Facilitate sending Nicholson to therapy school to grow in his knowledge and therapy skills.
  • Continue doing/facilitating 1:1 therapy with the children at MC 
  • Facilitate therapists and therapy student interns who come into Haiti & plugging them in 
  • Continue towards setting up a Saturday Routine of activities for the older kids 
  • Continue taking Haitian Therapy students from school in PAP for their rotations & supervising them. I plan on taking 4 level 2 fieldwork students (2 in the spring March-June and 2 in the summer June-September). I am also considering taking level 1 fieldwork students again. I have also been asked to possibly teach the pediatric OT 2 week course at the university in PAP next year which I am praying about.
  • I am currently in contact with Tina Allen with Liddlekidz pediatric disability massage about possibly coming to Haiti for 2 weeks to train nationals either this year or next hopefully. We would travel & train Haitians from Cap Haitian to PAP to PdP as well as right at our mission. She is one of the leaders in her field & it would be an incredible opportunity if it works out. As well as in communication with a ministry up in NYC that does APT and talking to see if they can possibly come into Haiti in the next year or so to train the nationals in APT (making adaptive equiptment that is sturdy out of cardboard). I am also in contact with Joni& friends to try to get wheelchairs into Haiti for the MC kids and outreach kids.
  • Continue working on getting more adaptive equipment & positioning devices in for the kids
  • Another big project is to get all my therapy handouts & educational materials online (about 40 of them). Once they are all on a website, it will be easy for others to access, learn, and share with those they are working with across Haiti.
  • I hope to hire 2-3 more full-time Haitian therapists in the next year to 2 to get the therapy program (both Miriam Home & FJS outreach) running to full capacity with all the Miriam Home children getting 2 hours 1:1 therapy per week and the therapy aspect of outreach being better staffed.
  • Continue working alongside Phoenix Rising when they are in PdP and facilitate getting the Miriam Home children/staff as well as the FJS outreach children seen for PT, Orthotics and
  • Prosthetics. I know it will continue to provide great learning experiences for my therapy staff, students and me personally.
  • Facilitate any kids that would benefit from orthopedic surgery to get surgery, good after care, and therapy to recover and gain new skills. Also work along side surgery teams during surgery week.
Nahum came for a level 1 2 week clinical at the Miriam Center
And Nicholson working alongside him
Johnson (1 of my Haitian students)
Bethany (came on 10 day trip to help in the Miriam Center)
Caitlin (a PT who came to serve for 10 days)
Edie (OT came to serve for 10 days)
Nicholson (my Therapy Assistant)

  1. Weekly Therapy: We are up to 45 children who come 1 day per week with their parents for 2 hours of group therapy. Many of the children in outreach are making good therapy progress and gaining new skills that are increasing their functional mobility and increased quality of life. During this time the families continue to learn how to work with their children, provide therapy at home and at the same time getting to fellowship with the other families. We continue to end each day with sharing Godʼs word & praying together. We also have been blessed to be able to continue to paying 1 way transportation for the families home from therapy.
  2.  Therapy Equipment: We were able to bless many of the families with therapy equipment for in the home, custom made hand braces, fit for AFOʼs & provide socks/shoes, customized haitian chairs for sitting, made PVC pipe walkers/standers to promote upright positioning/strengthening at home, and trained on/provided equipment to do therapy ball, therapy brushing, massage, stretching, & oral-motor with their children at home.
  3. Education: This year we had ~30 children in the education part of outreach. Education in outreach is two-fold, children are advocated for and sent to school in the community and there is special education provided at the Miriam Center. Stephanie has done a great job developing & running this aspect.
  4. Nutrition is a new aspect to outreach created this year by stephanie after seeing a great need in this area. This food is only provided to children in outreach who need extra nutrition. This food has also been provided to children in the community that are not special needs but to the point of malnourishment that if help is not received developing a special need is highly possible. The nutritious pack of food that contains 16 meals for the child, that can be prepared at home. Each child in this program gets 1 bag of food each week. I have seen this food make a big difference especially with the therapy children I work with that receive the food.
  5. .Outreach Homevisits: Tuesdayʼs from 1-4 is the time we have set aside to enter into each of the families home environment, to hear their stories, meet their families, & grow in relationship together. During this time we open Godʼs word together, share prayer requests and pray together. During homevisits we were able to continue to bless the families with a solar-power christian radio with the NT in Creole to each outreach family (3/4 of the families have them now). We visited all 45 families at least 1-2x this year (some more).
  6. Community building/outing/education event: Once a month we planned/carried out an event. This was implemented so that the families could have fun with their kids and build relationships with the other outreach families. Some months we did a fun activity like renting a hotel hotel pool in PdP for the friday outreach families, going to the beach a couple different months, movie afternoon, etc. Other times it is an educational/therapy related activity. One month the families helped make adaptations to their childrenʼs haitian chairs another month they helped make boppy pillows &PVC pipe walkers/ standers, and another month participated in a therapy home programming training.
  7. Medical: Each child that enters the program receives free medical care. This medical care includes; coming to the clinic to see the doctors, receiving lab work, medicine, and overnight stays at the hospital. For some of the children this also includes trips to PAP for extra medical attention (hydrocephalus and cleft palate trips, etc.). This is another aspect of outreach that Stephanie does a great job overseeing. I coordinate orthopedic surgeries & Phoenix Rising trips.
  8. Blessing Fund: was created this year in order to bless families that are going through an especially hard/stressful time because of unexpected health, family, or other situations. This is determined on a case by case basis through a team decision. Some ways we have used this fund this year have been to help out with rent (3-4 families), helped 3 different families start up businesses so they could in return provide financially for their families, helped 4-5 families with $ for medical testing for the parents so that they could stay healthy to take care of their children.
  9. Redeeming Gifts Purse Ministry: Just got started up at the end of October. This aspect of the ministry provides a job to 4-5 of the outreach motherʼs at a time for 3 months at a time. It is run by 1 of the outreach motherʼs who already knows how to sew & she is teaching the others. This is one way we are able to fill in the gaps for these families that need a job. We are enabling them to work so they can financially support their families. Each purse is made with love by one of the outreach mothers. Each purse is completely made out of materials found on the island and all funds go straight back into the program, giving the mothers an income.
Bible Study during an outreach Homevisit.
During this visit we also delivered Stacey's PVC pipe stander.
Carlos during an outreach Homevisit

My Goals/Plans for FJS Outreach Program 2015
  •  For the past 4 years the therapy aspect of the outreach program has met in the birdcage. We are excited that this coming year we will be moving into the new building which will allow for me privacy for the families.
  • Continue with each of the aspects of the program (Therapy outreach, Education, Outreach Homevisits, Community Building/Education, Blessing Fund, Nutrition, Medical, and Redeeming Gifts).
  • Creating some new training handouts and holding more training for the families to learn some new therapy techniques.
  • Revamping the weekly devotional time to go deeper in the word together
  • Encouraging deeper relationship building/building support system for the families.
  • I would also like to hire a trained Haitian therapist whoʼs entire job is working with the outreach.
  • Continue to get Redeeming Gifts off the ground • Overall the goal is to continue to work towards enabling each
  • child to participate in their family & community to their fullest ability.

  • For my health- continued healing & ability to maintain it in Haiti 
  • For my spiritual growth & walk with the Lord 
  • For the FJS Outreach Program- each of the 70 families to grow in their wisdom knowledge of the Lord, for them to feel empowered to care for their children.
  • For the Miriam Home children and staff that daily take care of them- for their health, spiritual growth, etc. 
  • For Miriam Center Leadership- Wisdom & Guidance For the therapy program & wisdom as I seek to hire new staff. 
  • For the new students I will be supervising & Nicholson as he heads to school
  • For open doors to bring trainings into Haiti & wisdom on timing and with what organization
  • Wisdom as I create trainings for nationals to know what to train on, how to word it, and when to do the training. 

My prayer/Bible Study partner Anna

“The prayer of a Righteous man is POWERFUL and EFFECTIVE” James 5”16


1. Northwest Haiti Christian Mission-
2. Made Known "formerly Kimmy's House"- 
  • Made Known has the same mission...same purpose... same vision just a different name. There desire has always been for children with disabilities to be Made Known in their communities and for Godʼs image to be Made Known to the children and a families they work with. Their mission is to partner with Jesus Christ to impact the lives of individuals with special needs around the world by equipping communities to provide quality holistic care. 

Outreach Blessing Moseline's Family...New Roof + Windows/Doors + Fixed Walls = SAFE HOME

Meet Moline & her family.  Moseline has been faithfully coming to outreach for the past 3 years. Over the last 4 years I have really fallen in love with this family. They are one of the most faithful families. They are always on time if not early for outreach & come rain or shine almost every week. Moline has low muscle tone, visual impairments & sensory seeking tendencies. When she started coming to outreach 3 years ago she was unable to sit unsupported let alone stand, she did not like holding objects or playing with toys. Her mother stated she had to do everything for her & wanted to know how to help her. 

Over the past 4 years Moselin's mother & therapy staff have worked hard with Moline & she is making good progress. Her mother is eager to learn & takes time to work with her daughter. Moline has worked on holding/playing with toys which she thoroughly enjoys now especially vibrating toys or noise making toys. She loves swinging, massage & vibrating brush and thinks it is the BEST part of therapy. She is not a fan of core-strengthening on the therapy ball or working on standing/walking but does a great job. Moline can stand with Minimal assistance to no assistance for ~10 minutes now & can take steps with hands held walking 30+ feet! I absolutely love watching her mother & older brother (who comes with them every week to therapy) interact with her, encourage her, & work with her. Mosline's brother doesn't only work with her but helps with the other children as well. He has such a tender, compassionate heart!

Moseline & her brother during outreach one day. He was helping her play with toys.
Moseline's brother helping Prisca another one of the outreach kids during therapy

Mussolini playing blocks with me

Mussolini standing in her PVC pipe stander which she has at home to use on a daily basis

Video of Moline standing like a rockstar!!!

Moseline's Mom doing massage with her

I have had the wonderful privilege of visiting their home on multiple occasions over the past few years. They live in a small 1 room shack in what would be considered the "Slums" There door does not close, their roof leaks and they live close to the ocean so when there are bad storms there is flooding. All they had in their home was a bed, a table, a few chairs and a couple suitcases. Their was a second room attached that was started with a few concrete blocks laid but far from completion.

Moslines family receiving a solar power christian radio with the
new testament in Creole on it during one of our home visits
Mosline's mother shared during one of our visits that she has a rich family that lives in the states who & last year they returned to Haiti. They blessed many people with their wealth but were unwilling to help her because she was a Christian. The whole reason they traveled back to Haiti was to go to a big celebration in Ansepehalor the voodoo capital of Haiti. Moline's mother's love for the LORD is so evident each week when we have Bible Study & Pray. On multiple occasions Moline's mother has stated how faithful God has been in providing for her needs. Even though she is a single mother without a job. She thanked God & stated how blessed they have been that none of them have been super sick or needed serious medical attention. 

At outreach one day we had a time to share praise reports...Moseline's mother shared how one day she was desperate....she had been unable to feed her family for 3 days...she went outside the house...sat on a chair & began singing praises to God & praying for God to provide. A short time later a man came by & blessed her family with food! What a testimony to God's faithfulness/love and to Moline's mothers faith! She always volunteers to pray & when scripture is read she is often mouthing the words from heart. Every time I ask how I can be praying for her she first asks that I pray for her daughter to talk/gain more skills, secondly she asks for prayers for shelter as their house is falling apart, and finally she asks for prayers that she could grow in her faith & stay encouraged!

Ever since that first visit to their home my heart has been burned for them...wanting to help. Well, last year when I got back to Haiti after being so sick & realizing I could not longer tolerate all the oil that is used while cooking the food at the mission (or all Haitian food). I knew I needed to cook for myself. With that said I knew I would need to get food at least biweekly at the market. I also knew that if I went to the market the prices would double because I am a "blanc" or "white". As I was praying about it Moselin's mother came to mind. I asked Presidue if she had a job & he said no. I then proceeded to ask her if she would be willing to go to market 2x a week & buy my groceries & in return I would pay her 100gds= $2.50USD each time she went so $5.00 USD a week. She immediately said yes & started thanking me profusely. Every morning when she comes to get my grocery list I am greeted with a HUGE hug and when she returns an hour or so later with my produce I am again hugged & thanked & she says a blessing over me. 

I have continued to have a burden for this family. for over a year now I have wanted to be able to bless this family with a new room on their home to keep them dry when it rains & fix their door so they don't have to worry about the little they have being stolen. A year ago I wrote a blog about this desire. Since then we created the outreach blessing fund. The blessing fun was created to bless families that are going through an especially hard/stressful time because of unexpected health, family, or other situation. Uses this fund is determined on a case by case basis through a team decision. Some ways we have used the blessing fund in the past has been to help families out with rent, help families to do start up businesses, help families with $ for needed medical testing, etc. 

Well about a month ago Presidue & Nicholson (2 of the therapy staff at the Miriam Center) contacted me with concerns about Moline's family's home. It was rainy season & they were getting a ton of rain. Moseline's family's home was flooding on almost a daily basis from the leaky roof. It was hard to keep themselves or their things dry. The guys felt that we should use some of the outreach blessing fund to finish her roof, fix the walls, and put doors & windows into their home. 

The guys stated that they felt she deserved this blessing secondary to her faithfulness to the outreach program, being a single mother, & that it was not a safe environment for them to stay healthy. We were able to hire a few Haitian men to do the repairs. They were able to put a new roof on, put in windows & doors, and fix the walls for $1,500. 

Thank you to each of you who have donated to the Outreach Blessing Fund & made it possible for us to bless Moselin's Family with a safe HOME! If you would like to make a donation towards the outreach blessing fund you can go to 
specify the donation is for  "Outreach Blessing Fund"

Moseline's Mothers favorite passage of scripture where she turns to find hope

Psalm 118

Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good;
    his love endures forever.
Let Israel say:
    “His love endures forever.”
Let the house of Aaron say:
    “His love endures forever.”
Let those who fear the Lord say:
    “His love endures forever.”
When hard pressed, I cried to the Lord;
    he brought me into a spacious place.
The Lord is with me; I will not be afraid.
    What can mere mortals do to me?
The Lord is with me; he is my helper.
    I look in triumph on my enemies.
It is better to take refuge in the Lord
    than to trust in humans.
It is better to take refuge in the Lord
    than to trust in princes.
10 All the nations surrounded me,
    but in the name of the Lord I cut them down.
11 They surrounded me on every side,
    but in the name of the Lord I cut them down.
12 They swarmed around me like bees,
    but they were consumed as quickly as burning thorns;
    in the name of the Lord I cut them down.
13 I was pushed back and about to fall,
    but the Lord helped me.
14 The Lord is my strength and my defense[a];
    he has become my salvation.
15 Shouts of joy and victory
    resound in the tents of the righteous:
“The Lord’s right hand has done mighty things!
16     The Lord’s right hand is lifted high;
    the Lord’s right hand has done mighty things!”
17 I will not die but live,
    and will proclaim what the Lord has done.
18 The Lord has chastened me severely,
    but he has not given me over to death.
19 Open for me the gates of the righteous;
    I will enter and give thanks to the Lord.
20 This is the gate of the Lord
    through which the righteous may enter.
21 I will give you thanks, for you answered me;
    you have become my salvation.
22 The stone the builders rejected
    has become the cornerstone;
23 the Lord has done this,
    and it is marvelous in our eyes.
24 The Lord has done it this very day;
    let us rejoice today and be glad.
25 Lord, save us!
    Lord, grant us success!
26 Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.
    From the house of the Lord we bless you.[b]
27 The Lord is God,
    and he has made his light shine on us.
With boughs in hand, join in the festal procession
    up[c] to the horns of the altar.
28 You are my God, and I will praise you;
    you are my God, and I will exalt you.
29 Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good;
    his love endures forever.