Saturday, May 28, 2016


I look forward to working alongside STAND 3x a years and was so bummed and disappointed when they had to cancel their January trip last minute secondary to political unease in the country. So when May rolled around I had lots of kids waiting. 

We decided to head down Sunday this trip and stay at the clinic so we were ready to roll Monday Morning. Saturday and Sunday afternoon I packed up the clinic with everything we would need to run 2 weeks of intensive pediatric outpatient outreach waiting list and current outreach clinic. We sure looked like the grisswalds as we headed to PdP for 2 weeks running an outreach therapy clinic. Can't believe everything fit plus 6 ppl! 

I decided to easiest way to recount the 2 weeks was to take my daily or bi-daily updates from Facebook... WARNING this blogpost is long but full of great stories and pictures! This blog is just a glimpse into the AMAZING 2 weeks at STAND. 

Day 1-STAND 
The pediatric clinic saw 10 patients today. We made 1 Haitian adapted chair, fit 1 pair of AFOs, had 2 pairs of shoes adapted by ortho, made 4 hand braces and a knee brace from splinting material, made 2 PVC pipe standers and did lots of family education. I would say great success!

It was a stander walker kind of day... 5 kids received new standers or walkers. 2 kids stood for the first time!!! Estelle got wheels so she can cruise around now! Good day...slower day but good to pour into families. Saw 7 kiddos today.

Day 3- STAND
today was insanely busy but great! So thankful for so many people willing to come help! We saw 14+ kids today...made 2 walkers, for multiple sets of AFOs and shoes, made knee splints and knee blocks, and so much more. So thankful for all the wisdom and resources STAND brings to the table. 4 new children were added to the outreach therapy waiting list and provided with encouragement and support.

Day 4- STAND
Was a very slow day but we took advantage of it and worked on the new folder system for the outreach waiting list kids who will be entering into active status in the outreach program when the Extreme Makeover Outreach Addition launches next month. 

Day 5- STAND
we had an incredible day... The pediatric clinic saw 12 patients!!!! We made 4 adapted chairs, 1 stander, 1 walker, 3 elbow braces, 2 hand braces, 3 pairs of AFOs, 8 knee immobilizes, 1 kneel PVC stander device. Lots of parent education. We worked from 8AM to 8PM. So thankful that at the end of the day I had all hands on deck to help me Finish or I would still be down there! Huge shout out to Maggie and my students who worked hard alongside me all day!!! We made a real difference in some kiddos loves today. Entered 3 new kids into the outreach program and helped 4 get connected for other medical needs!

This sweet girl's mom brought her all the way from Gonaive (5+ hour drive).
She has a seat to sit up for the first time, received a kneeler to enable her to
 weight bear through her knees and bilateral knee braces to prevent further
 contractors. By the time we finished it was too late for them to leave
 so they spent the night at the clinic and left the following morning.

WEEK 1- Overview
STAND blew into town Saturday and in the last 5 days has provided PT, orthopedics, prosthetic, medical clinic, and pediatric clinic to over 740 patients and over 900 prescriptions written and filled. That's right!!!! This is incredible and is only week 1. So many lives helped and impacted this week. I have been blessed to serve alongside this amazing team! Can't wait for next week. I also posted pictures of my amazing roomies this week! Go Team STAND!

WEEK 2...

Day 6- STAND

It was a slower day but a blessing in disguise as I was able to do a lot of paperwork to get ready for the big changes in outreach. So excited to have Wendy L Campbell here this week to use her pediatric PT expertise to help many of my kiddos. Love learning from her and working alongside her. We did get to see and treat and make equipment for a few kids today.


Today was exhausting. It took everything in me to keep patience and finish. We saw 12 kids. Each received 1:1 evaluation and home programming ideas. We fit 4 pairs of braces and shoes, made 3 adapted Haitian chairs, 4 PVC pipe standers, 3 sets knee blocks, and 1 PVC walker. We entered 4 new kids onto the waiting list. 1 girl walked for the first time, another sat for the first time...also 7 of the gran Moun and Jacque from NWHCM received PT and 1 received a new wheelchair. I'm total STAND saw 180 ppl!

This sweet girl came in at 8 this morning and just left. She had never walked before and left walking. She has new braces and shoes to wear once her sores on her heels heal. She got an Awsome custom walker. God is good! She is the sweetest girl!
First time walking! Excited she is currently in the outreach program
And is doing really good receiving 11 weeks of therapy in a row. 

Day 9- STAND

wow what an incredible day! It did not go as planned at all but 15 kids lives were impacted and changed today! We were suppose to head to the mission this morning and some of the STAND team was to help me build and fit some new wheelchairs I got but we had 8 new kids show up to stand this morning. Before heading to the mission we evaluated the kids, educated the families and built them equipment. We build 4 PVC standers, 3 Hatian adapted chairs and a bucket chair! We then headed to the mission where 1/2 the team washed the chairs and built them and began adjusting and fitting 5 MC kiddos for new wheelchairs!!! The other half of the team evaluated some of the MC kiddos and gave me treatment ideas. I am so excited for better positioning and comfort for these kids and some new treatment ideas to help some of the kids. The MC therapy team and the 3 STAND team members worked their butts off today! So thankful for each of them!!!' I am on the midnight bus to PAP now as saturday we have a HAOT/AHE meeting.

Here is the Group Photo from Week 1

Our Fearless...AMAZING... Brave Leaders

My Roomates for Week 1!

A HUGE Thank You to STAND for facilitating us having a pediatric clinic, for providing so much knowledge and equipment and skills to help our kids and for housing and feeding the Miriam Center staff for 2 weeks!!! We would have never pulled off the Extreme Makeover Outreach changeover the following week if these 2 weeks were not so intense and productive!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!