Friday, July 10, 2009


I chose to name my blog overflow for a couple of reasons. First after a song we sing at my church in Erie called "Overflow" written by Brian and Rachel Lusky. The following are the Lyrics:
As you call me near, I come
Drawn with holy fear and awe
Into heaven’s doors to see u as you are
You who formed the earth with your hands
Sun and moon shine at your command
Who can know the vastness of the Lord most high
Bridge 1
As I draw near I offer my life to my Jesus
Who fills me with mercy and grace
As I go out I will open my eyes and awaken
You will be a blessing through me
You’re the overflow
The sustainer of my soul
Pouring out of meLiving water for the weary
Bless me so I might be a blessing
Heal me so I might bring healing
Cover me, so that I might be a covering
For you
Its because of you, I must go
Sent to tell the world and to show
Friend or enemy, the love I com to know
Where confusion reigns I will be peace
Where there are bondaged chains bring release
Where there are tears and pain, may I be the joy of the morning
Bridge 1
Bridge 2
Heal me with your love o Lord, pour out till I overflow (4x)
My deepest cry of my heart is to be Christ's servant, to go wherever he calls me. I want to be His hands and His feet on this earth. I want to overflow into the lives off those around me. I want people to look at me and know there is something different about me by the way I act and the love I am able to pour out. I want the Lord to bless me so that I can be a blessing. For him to heal me so that I might bring healing, to cover me so that I might be a covering to the broken and weak, to the weary and meak. The Lord is the sustainer of my soul and I want that to pour out of me.

God has blessed me with the most amazing summer of my life serving in Haiti and this song has a deeper meaning to me now that I have returned from Haiti than when I left. I feel God's leading to go be a blessing to his precious children in Haiti, to continue to allow him to pour out of me to touch the weary, the weak, the broken, and the meak. I am in deep prayer about my future. Where God is calling me, I don't want what I want to get in the way of God's calling and plan on my life. Please continue to pray for me as I discern the possibility of returning to Haiti next summer for 3 months after taking my boards and continuing the work God has started through me in the Miriam center. I am then discerning about becoming a traveling therapist which would allow me to go all around the country doing occupational therapy. This job pays really well and has a lot of good benefits. IT would also allow me to pay off all my loans in about 2 years. This would give me time to discern God's calling on my life in the mission feild whether it is a STM based calling or a LTM based calling. I know whatever God's plans are they are good and I am excited to see where he leads me and takes me.

I have been so blessed the last 3 years to get to know so many of my Hatian brothers and sisters as well as many of the missionaries and group members that have joined me in Haiti.

Construction Continues

As I posted earlier this summer we have begun construction on what will be our new Miriam Center. When I left Haiti on june 27th We had knocked down tons of walls and new walls were put up to create wide doorways and hallways, Glass block windows to provide privacy & interior windows so you can into different rooms. The new building has 2 huge storage closests one for our educational toys and crafts and another for food. We also have another closet by the two bedrooms for the storage of closets. A group of probably 10 Haitian men were hired to work on this project. Since I left a few weeks ago, alot has been accomplished. I hear that all the walls have been sanded down & paint is going up. The glass block windows are in, the new sink wall is being installed, and a counter has been installed in the feeding room. Courtney & I cannot believe how fast construction is going. Especially since when I went into Haiti we did not plan on starting to build a new building till January. These kids are going to be back into their play room real soon which is so exciting. Here are some pictures I have, when I get updated pictures from Haiti I will post them :)
Before Demolition Began...

Demolition Has Begun...

Construction has begun...Look at our beautiful walls and windows.