Monday, January 8, 2018


I wish I was able to be in Haiti for this amazing event but so very thankful for the AMAZING staff at the Miriam Center who decorated, prepared food, and pulled off this HUGE PARTY and BLESSING for the outreach families. I have not back to hear all the details but below are some pictures and videos I received. From what I can tell FUN was definitely had by ALL! This is one of our biggest ministry opportunities and as you guess one of our best attended events.  We like to seize this moment making sure Christ is the center of the event. Last year the gift was a solar power light and the theme and message of the day was on Christ being the light of the world and our lives. This was translated into Creole and they took a laminated copy home with them. 
This year the gift was an umbrella and the there was suppose to be a jar of peanut butter(although the boat I placed the peanut butter on didn't make it in time. I am working on an easter blessing that I will use the peanut butter with. We were able to buy soap, powder and toothpaste to make a little care package to go with the umbrella.  The theme and message was on Christ being our protector...him covering our lives...shielding us. The message translated into Creole and laminated as well so each family got 1 to take home and share. 
An 🌂 umbrella... it's a simple object we take for granted... but it's rainy season. This year seems worse than any other I have experienced here in Haiti. So much rain ☔️... everyday for the last 2 months.... so much flooding... so much mudd....cloudy and cold.... so many live in homes that leak... I can't imagine. 
The idea for this years Christmas blessing for the outreach families to be an umbrella came before rainy season. I honestly struggled this year to come up with an idea for this Christmas... I prayed a lot about it and 1 day umbrellas came to mind...I am thankful that God gave me this idea. I am reminded this week what a blessing a simple umbrella can be. An umbrella is not just used to protect from rain here but also protect From the hot sun. It's an everyday blessing many cant afford here in Haiti... it's a luxury item. Many of the outreach families walk 30minutes to a few hours to get to the outreach program. As I hike to homes to do homevisits I am amazed at what parents are willing to do to bring their kids to the program... an umbrella would be such a blessing to them. Umbrellas would allow them to protect their kids from rain and the hot sun. 

I have printed all the below pictures to give to each of the families when I return to Haiti.