Saturday, August 15, 2015

Wednesday Mornings...Outreach Waiting List

We have a waiting list of 70+ outreach kids waiting to be apart of the weekly therapy part of outreach. Every week since I have been back we have had 2-3 new kids every week show up. About 4-5 weeks ago we changed the weekly therapy schedule so that wednesday mornings are free.  
Every Wednesday morning now we call 4-6 of the outreach families in for a visit. We sit down with them 1:1 and collect more detailed information and do a basic assessment. We then take the time to create a home programming plan, provide appropriate educational handouts, and educate the families. We also will make any needed equipment that they would benefit from at home like adapted chairs, PVC pipe walkers, fit for AFOs, make boppy pillow, etc.
The families have been beyond grateful for the 1:1 time, the education, the home programming, and equipment.
We are also setting up follow up visits as needed to adjust equipment or provide more education.
This sweet little girl pictured above is one of our success stories. When she arrived her mother reported that she was not able to walk long distances, could not keep up with peers and her legs would tremble and she would fall. We provided her little AFO's for in her shoes and provided her with a home programming strengthening plan for her legs. When she returned this week her mother reports that she is keeping up with her peers and has no trembling in her legs!

Our hope and desire is that we will get through the waiting list every 3-4 months. I am excited that at the end of September to the beginning of October we will have 2 teams of PT, Prosthetic, and Orthotic teams in PdP. We plan on trying to get many of these kids seen during those few weeks.

I hate that we have a waiting list...but I am thankful that we have finally found a way to let them know that we have not forgotten about them, that we want to help educate them to better care for their children and that we want to help as we are able.

We are in deep prayer about the waiting list and looking into possibilities on how to possibly open a second outreach center in PdP. about half of the families on the waiting list or currently in the weekly program come from PdP or farther. There are many details that would still need to be worked out and fundraising that needs to happen. Please be in prayer with us as we seek God in how to move forward in supporting these families and provided much needed therapy in the northwest zone of Haiti.