Tuesday, November 3, 2015

White River Church Visit

It is always a joy to have the White River Church Team at the mission. They have such a heart and passion for the Miriam Center and loving on the kids, staff, and outreach families. Unfortunately they were at the mission the same week at the orthopedic surgery team as well as Phoenix Rising the big orthopedic/Prosthetic/PT team. I did not get to spend a lot of time with team but I did get to see the results of their ministry.

Every day of the week they spent time pouring into the children of the Miriam Center. Playing with them, loving on them, helping to feed them, singing to and with them, playing soccer with the boys, leading worship in the classroom, etc. I know that every single one of the Miriam Center children felt loved and valued during the week. They took the kids to the beach and held a BIG dance party on the patio.

They spent time pouring into the staff at the Miriam Center. They know how hard they work and wanted to make sure they felt appreciated and loved. They had a party for the staff that involved decorating flip flops, making bracelets, receiving pedicures, and ending with food. They also wanted to care for them emotionally and know that over the last years they have had to grieve the loss of many children. They know that our workers don’t just treat the Miriam Center as a job but that they pour their heart and soul into their work and see each of the kids as their own. So White River watched the kids while the staff got to go meet with the psychologist that came with the group. 

They also spent time loving on the outreach families. They took the outreach to the beach one morning. The families and the kids had so much fun. 

Not only did they come for a week and pour physically, spiritually and emotionally into the Miriam Center but brought 30 bags of supplies. They carried in so many supplies for the Miriam Center from diapers to nutrition food to christmas for each child. They also carried in ductape, wheels, 2 wheelchairs and a Stander for the therapy room. THANK YOU does not seem enough for the number of lives they impacted! Jean can now get around more comfortably, Andy can sit more comfortably and many of the children who did not have the opportunity to stand can now stand in the new stander. 

Orthopedic Surgery Week

I always look forward to orthopedic surgery week. WHY?!?! because I know many of the children I know and work with will get life changing surgeries that will relieve pain, help them sit or walk better, etc. I also love watching surgeries and interacting with Dr. Del and his team.

Sunday afternoon is always screening day. We screened probably 40 cases throughout the afternoon. Many were inoperable…others there was just not enough space on the schedule. Personally 4 of the outreach waiting list kids and Emma from the Miriam Center were able to get surgery
Everyone waiting to see the Dr. to be evaluated for surgery
Wildens had surgery the past 2 years and was suppose to
have another surgery this year but we are praising God he didn't need surgery
Joseph had surgery during the week
Yvnaika had surgery last year for bilateral club foot.
She came back for a check-up
This sweet little girl Rodfenie had club foot surgery this week. 

Many of you probably remember our biggest surgery case last year…WOODSEY. If you don’t CLICK HERE and you can read his story. The long short is he arrived in the middle of surgery week with a severe infection in the bone that had eaten away at his entire hip joint and part of his femur. He would have definitely died if he did not get the surgery he needed. In the USA it is a risky surgery let alone in Haiti. Woodley spent a month receiving IV antibiotics at the mission. He returned for a follow up. He continues to have some pain and walked with a pretty significant limp (which is expected). Their is nothing more surgically that we can do BUT we were able to refer Woodsey down to Phoenix Rising where he had a lift made for his shoe that enables him to walk more even :-) One thing has not changed…Woodsey’s amazing SMILE and the JOY he radiates. Please see the blogpost PHOENIX RISING to see more pictures.

had bilateral tendon releases that will enable him to walk and stand up straighter
had club foot surgery that will enable her to walk

had surgery on his leg that will enable him to walk without 
his bone shifting sideways with every step

had scar tissue release that will enable him to walk flat footed. He was injured in the earthquake and the scarring has gotten worse over the years. 

This sweet little girl had arthrogryposis and had her first surgery this year working on straightening her feet. 

had the top part of her femur removed secondary to her hip 
being dislocated and causing her pain all the time. 

This women has profoundly impacted my life this past week…the joy and smile she has through the pain…the trials…dissapointments just blows me away and she is living out God’s word and a testimony to God’s presence and power in all situations. 

She first came to the mission 2 weeks ago to get eye surgery. While at the mission she showed the team her left foot which the toes had been amputated off a few months ago. The eye surgery team was blown away by how bad the infection was. They knew the orthopedic surgery team would be at the mission the following week. Since she lived 4-5 hours away the mission was able to house her and her daughter. They started an IV with antibiotics for the week. The unexpected week at the mission she spent greeting all the women who came to the birthing center. Her smile and Joy brought a smile to them in their time of suffering. 

Dr. Del was able to Debri her foot and cut away the infection on Monday (the first day of surgery). Since her other leg had already been amputated previously secondary to her diabetes and she was on no daily medicine…Del did his best to save her other foot.

We also worked to connect her with the prosthetic team (Phoenix Rising) who was in PdP at the same time. Tuesday and Wednesday she went to PdP. My understanding was she was getting a leg made for the amputated leg. Thursday morning she went back into surgery for a second round of debarring and then in the afternoon went to PdP to get her leg. 

These trips to PdP were not easy. Imagine getting out of the surgery and climbing on a Moto with an amputated leg and half of your other foot to get down to the main road. Then switching to a crowded tap-tap (back of a pick up truck) to off road for an hour just to wait to be seen by the prosthetic team…she did this 3 times in 1 week with the hopes of getting a leg.

Well Thursday as we anxiously waited for the leg…great disappointment came when we found out she was not getting a leg because a contracture in her amputated leg. Miscommunication had happened…everyday she was going all the way to PdP to receive stretching hoping to decrease the contracture…I will be honest I was mad! I was frustrated! I hurt for her…I argued with the prosthesis man…I tried to convince him he could make a leg in 1 day.

Then I looked over at this beautiful women who had a smile on her face…she said thats ok next time  I will get a leg…she understood…she accepted…she looked for the positive in the situation…
WOWO! we proceeded to educate her daughter on stretching her and worked to set up for a team to make her leg in January. Please keep this women in your prayers. That she could maintain the positive attitude that she has…for healing of her other foot (because if it does not heal it will need to be amputated next year)…for her to get a prosthesis to maintain her mobility…that she would be able to get medicine to help control her diabetes…that she would continue to maintain and shine radiantly the Joy and Love of God!

The therapy team took turns getting to spend time with the surgery team and watching surgeries happen. 

Some of the MC kids wants to participate in surgery week to ;-)

We also helped make walkers out of PVC pipe for all the orthopedic cases that needed them. Since their were not walkers on campus and we were not able to find any so I got the idea to make them. A huge thank you to Carlos and Yvon for helping me make them. 

So Thankful for the opportunity to work with this amazing surgery team. THANK YOU! for using your skills to change the lives of so many of my children!


Why?!?- because everyone deserves a birthday!
Tore Karenbauer has been planning this epic surprise birthday party for Wadley for months ever since he shared that he has never had a birthday party and didn't even know when his birthday was...

Today changed all that as the entire MC celebrated with him. The party was complete with cake, candles, decorations, foto booth, dancing...

Tori's BLOG about His special Day
"Last Friday turned out to be a pretty good day for Wadley.  It started off with no school.  He spent the morning playing with his friends (while I secretly worked on party decorations).  Every Friday afternoon he and I go to outreach therapy together.  After therapy, I sent him to play with his friends, and then the real work started.  Autumn, the occupational therapist, Carlos, the physical therapist, and myself started decorating one of the rooms.  Wadley’s favorite colors are blue and yellow, so all the decorations were blue and yellow! (Thanks mom for sending those in!)
Next, all of the children who live in the Miriam Center (the special needs home) came in to get ready.  They were so excited.  We passed out hats for everyone to get them in the spirit.  Then it was time to bring Wadley in.  I went to tell him we needed him for something, and he walked into his first surprise birthday party!
It took him a little bit to figure out what was going on, but once he did, he was the life of the party.  There was cake, a photo booth, and lots of dancing.  Everyone had so much fun! Mom had sent down sunglasses for everyone, and they were a huge hit.  I have enjoyed watching these sunglasses make their rounds through the campus the last couple of days.  The other night a security guard was wearing a pair, and I saw a couple pairs at church yesterday!
While Wadley has many friends in the Miriam Center, he also has many friends in the boy’s orphanage.  I wanted to be able to include them too, so Wadley made a list of some of his best friends.  These friends were all invited to a movie night complete with juice, snacks, and a goodie bag!  They all showed up all dressed up and excited. 
All in all, I am so thankful to have been able to give Wadley a day for himself.  I explained to him after it was all over how now he can say that October 30th is his birthday.  Though I cannot change his past, I can do my best to make his present life all that it can be.  It is an amazing thought that even our best birthday parties in this life are a mere glimpse into the parties we will have in Heaven.  I hope and pray that everyone reading this will be in attendance of Wadley’s heavenly birthdays, when those days come.  I know I am looking forward to them. "