Saturday, November 28, 2009

Steven signing his name

This made my heart melt with Joy! I am so proud of steven!

Meet a few new Members of the Miriam Home

Kenderson and Courtney

McKinely and Steven- looks to me like McKinely is fitting in just fine :) I am afraid by the time I return to Haiti my 3 Amigos will have turned into 5 or 6 :)

Both Kenderson and McKinely graduated from the baby orphange into the Miriam Centers arms.

Group Picture :)

The Miriam Center is growing in leaps and bounds. The Miriam Home is up to 24 children and For Jonathan Sake is up to around 25 children. It is amazing to see these progams grow since this summer. When I was there in June there were 18 children in the Miriam Home and For Jonathan Sake had just been opened and had 7 children. God is blessing this ministry so abundantly!

Update pictures from the Miriam Center

Thomas went to be with Jesus!

I received the following email from Courtney:
I am letting you know that yesterday early morning Thomas our little guy that have been in lots of prayer the last couple months passed away from the pain of this world into the arms of our Maker. He got spend about 7 months on this earth and a good portion of that time in the arms of the Miriam Center in Rou's Corner. He got to for the last 3 months spend them in love, when his eyesight started to slip and things became black he got to see another world of touch. When his body started to shut down he got to spend that time in the arms of patience while the one's around him fed him by eye droppers, soothed his cries of pain and sang songs of peace. For the last 3 months I don't think there was much time that was not spent over his small body in touch in some way. Yesterday there were many tears shed for little boy here in Haiti and in the states. There was a beautiful small funeral for him yesterday, where the Mission staff and workers got to say good bye. He will missed always but is now able to actually see the face of Jesus in detail, feel with out pain and rock out in that Hammock with my name on it with Jude, Sarah Rou, and Naomi. Thank you for all that loved on this child through touch and prayer. Thank you for dancing with me this Haiti Dance.

A few days before Thomas passed Beth posted:
Had a special time with Thomas yesterday that I am praisng Jesus for. As I sang to him everytime I sang Jesus' name he smiled and no it wasn't a coincidence...not for 2hrs and even not for 15 min. God's timing is so perfect and today I can rest in that and in Him. Thank you Jesus for blessing me in such a precious way. Mwen remen ou!!!

The Day Thomas passed Beth Posted:
Early this morning little Thomas went home to be with Jesus. Into the Fathers loving arms with no tears or pain. His last few days were so peaceful and the moments I had with him were such a blessing. He grabbed hold of my heart and taught me how to love even more. Mesi Jezi for Thomas, I am a life that is changed.

This little boy touched so many lives. Many might ask the question WHY? BUT WHY NOT?Thomas showed that in a few months he could change hearts for Christ :)