Sunday, June 18, 2017


We had an AWSOME turn out for our last meeting with 10 of us! It was BIG and important meeting. We Vision planned for the next 1 year, 2 years and 5 years! I have to say I absolutely LOVE this amazing group of individuals God brought together to start OT in Haiti. I love that we has as many nationals present and involved as expats. At the end of the meeting we elected new officers for this year. We did it in a way that for every office held their is a Rehab Tech Assistant (which currently is by all Expats as we have don't have graduates from the new school yet). I am excited that we will be mentoring and raising up nationals to soon take over. We were blessed to have Carman from Sherbrook University from Canada with us. At the end of the meeting she encouraged us saying she remembers 40 years ago when Canada was at the same place we are at in Haiti and she was sitting at her kitchen table with just 4 OTs vision planning. She shared that now there is 140 OTs in Canada! 

I also am EXCITED to share that I have put in an Abstract for a poster at WFOT  (World Federation Of OT) Congressional Meetings in South Africa next May (2018). My Abstract is about my outreach program and orphan prevention. Keeping kids with families. I will need to raise about $4,000 to go represent Haiti at the conference the first week and the council meetings the second week. I am so EXCITED to spend 2 weeks with Its from around the world! It is our goal to take a national to the WFOT council meetings. We applied and received 1 plane ticket from the WFOT and now we are applying for a conference free entrance fee coverage.

I am really EXCITED to see what God has in store for this year and AHE/HAOT!

We had a GREAT turn out at our meeting 10 of us. 2 skipping in 1 from the south of Haiti and 1 from Florida. 

Nicholson and Diana
Our New President
Consuelo and Martha

Our New Secretary
Ashley and Emerson

Our New Vice President
Autumn and Stephyole

Our WFOT Delegates
Consuelo- Delegate
Autumn- Alternate Delegate
Ashley- 2nd Alternate Delegate

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