Sunday, June 18, 2017

Phoenix Rising

Shortly after I got back from the states I had the wonderful opportunity of partnering with Phoenix Rising. They are a Therapy team that comes into PdP 3x a year bringing Physical Therapist's, Orthotist, Prosthetist, and Medical volunteers and run a clinic seeing around 100 patients a day. They were in town for 2 weeks. I rotated my therapy staff getting the chance to volunteer/serve alongside them that way everything at the Miriam Center could keep running. This was a great opportunity for my therapy staff to learn from other therapists especially in the realm of Adults. The second week they had a pediatric therapists come and I was able to call in some of the outreach kids each day. It was a great 2 weeks. Another highlight of these 2 weeks for me was having my friend Luke come during his spring break from medical school and volunteer for a week in the medical clinic. 

One of my students learning

Re-locating an ankle

My staff and students learning

Bernadette helping put on a brace

This sweet girl had pain/swelling in her elbow
We were able to help her with some kinesiotape
and compression

A girl getting a prosthetic leg

This sweet girl came in with a contracture in
her knee and so we made a splint to provide
prolonged stretching

Luke helping Dr. Lubin in the medical clinic

Week 1 Team!

The AMAZING view from the STAND building there we were staying

1 new skill I learned is how to make night splints for patients
with bow legs

Charles had major club foot surgery in October
and is in the final stages of healing. It was a
very long road to recovery but makes my
heart so happy!

Gilbert came down because he was having pain in his arm.
He has a little tendonitis going on. 

Wadley also came down to get help with his walking.
He is recovery from a fall and being in a cast for 6 weeks.
His situation is complicated because he has MD. One thing
he does not lack is motivation and a great smile!

Charles running around in his walking cast. Makes
my heart so happy!

Gilbert with his buddy and cool ride back to the mission

Nicole the AWSOME Pediatric  PT working with 1 of the kiddos

This little boy got a prosthetic leg for the first time!
This opportunity opens up a whole new world of possibilities. 

Awesome Week 1 and some of them stayed for week 2 Medical Team

Monise helping to make a pair of night splints for bow legs

This sweet women had a fascinating problem with her hand and
welcomed all of us checking it out and multiple Pos
working with her. All with a big smile on. 

Absolutely loved getting to love on Sammy for a few minutes

This little boy was so sweet. He loved the bubbles

The AWSOME Week 2 Pediatric TEAM! 

SALSA DANCING! We had fun going Salsa Dancing both Thursday's with the team

Friday Morning of the Last week was Parent Education. My Staff and Students did a GREAT job helping with this. 

LUKE got to spend 1 day at my place and meet my kids and hang out. Walden LOVED every minute of Saturday morning that Luke played the IPAD with him :-) We had a nice relaxing night watching a movie, eating popcorn and brownies after dinner.

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