Saturday, June 17, 2017

For Jonathan Sake UPDATE

The annual outreach meeting was May 30th. We were hoping to have 140 families come. went overall went well! We did not have great attendance a little over 50 percent but I will be calling everyone who didn't show up to give them 1 more chance to come to parent education Friday and stay after for the meeting and to receive their calenders for this coming year. As they walked in we took attendance, took their old calendars and gave them a new one, gave them a copy of the contract and a sticker attendance card. 

Rules changed...their is now an attendance policy. It is required for them to attended parent education each month, their 10 weeks of therapy and fun activities. If they do not attend these 3 aspects of outreach they cannot access the medical side of the program where their child receives medical care for only 100gds per visit. If they do not comply they will be moved back to the outreach waiting list. They will still be seen 3x a year by STAND/PHR and get equipment made for their kids just not access to what active members have access to. 

 We started the meeting with a devotion. Then we had a small time celebrating all the mom's in the room for Haitian Mothers Day & gave them a little treat. I shared a little history of the outreach program and why it exists. I shared that first and foremost it is about community and us being a family together. Then I asked that some of them come and share has the outreach program has blessed them & their child. This was My favorite part of the meeting... talk about powerful. We then had the business part of the meeting followed by lunch. It was a long day but overall good. 

ALOT OF PRAYERS FOR THIS COMING YEAR PLEASE....Prayers that we can help each of these parents see their child as a gift...a blessing... special... unique... handmade by God. That we could help the parents know that God hand chose them to be their child's momma or papa. That we could share the gospel through our words and actions. That a deeper sense of community will be formed between the families. That outreach would be a safe haven for these families. That we as a staff would have patience with each of the families. Prayers for protection over each of the children's health. For wisdom and resources to meet each of the medical needs that arise. For compliance and buy in to the entire program by the families. 

June 1 was parent education. We had about 70 families present. Today's focus was on taking care of themselves so they can take care of their kids. We talked about the benefits of exercise and then did 15 minutes of exercise together. They loved it! Everyone was on their feet. Thank you Erin Cottos we used a portion of your video. They asked if each education session we could have 30 minutes of exercise :-). We also discussed proper lifting techniques and exercises they can do at home if they have low back pain. Each parent had a handout with summary of everything talked about to take home. After education we had a make up meeting for those that missed Teusday to receive their calenders and here the new rules for outreach. It was an insanely busy but good day. We also had 4 more kids enter the outreach program today!



The first week of June was the start of the new outreach therapy year. The first group to have therapy is yellow. There are 40 families in this group. We are having better  attendance. The first week was very busy writing treatment plans for their 10 weeks of therapy. So thankful for Bendjy Accius who has been helping me translate all the treatment plans. We were blessed to have lots of help from the interns and visiting teams during this week to help with therapy while I was busy writing plans. Please join me in praying for these families to stay committed and to come weekly for their therapy. Pray that they will work on exercises at home, and that outreach will be a place of community, encouragement and love that they look forward to being apart of.

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