Thursday, June 15, 2017


It is my birthday month!!! ❤️πŸ˜€ And it's hard to believe this month I turned 30! πŸ˜³. Time to enter a new decade of life and a new decade of ministry in Haiti! πŸ€—. As I have been thinking back I realized that this year is my 10th anniversary of involvement in Haiti. In August 2007 is when I took my first mission trip to Haiti that changed my life....1/3 of my life Haiti has stolen my heart... given me a purpose in life and a passion. Life is not easy here by any means but I am so blessed and thankful that God chose me for this and empowers me daily! 
Thank you to EVERYONE who made my 30th Birthday special. Thank you Stephanie Mosier planning & pulling off an epic 30th birthday bash with the kids and MC staff full of dancing, photo booth, cake and Cheetos! Thank you to all the interns and Caitlin Smith for decorating my therapy door with streamers and signs. Thank you Tore Karenbauer for the early morning Happy birthday song and a wonderful birthday treat of dehydrated oranges πŸ˜‹. Thank you Monise Michel for you birthday sign in the therapy room. To the mission staff for the cupcakes at Bible study tonight. And thank you Stephanie for pizza and fresh juice for dinner. The day was full of love around every corner. Including countless birthday wishes posted on my wall on Facebook.  I felt so loved today! Ready to see what God has in store for the next decade. Bring it on 30's!
A quick sneak peak into the photo booth from my surprise birthday party....

My Birthday Wish was...Is 2 fold....
 to raise the funds to get 7 of the outreach kids the medical care they need this month! I need to raise $3,000!!! I know this is a lot but it is also life changing 
1. Sydney- Sydney has been in the outreach program for 6-7 years. She even lived a few weeks at the MC when she was younger. She was born with a clubfoot. We always thought more was going on as she was always weak. I have had the Joy of being involved in Sydney's life from the beginning. She had been doing great until about 1.5 years ago when she started to get what we believed were knee contracture that progressively got worse even with stretching and night bracing. The orthopedic surgeon believes she has a tethered spinal cord. In order to get a definite diagnosis we need a MRI. A few weeks a team a PTs said we are against the clock if she is to regain Function. So first step is MRI. She went to PAP and received an MRI to check for a tethered spinal cord. She has an orthopedic consult scheduled and waiting to hear if she will need surgery. 

2. Joseph- Our sweet baby boy with APERT Syndrome. He needs to see a neurologist for possible craniofacial surgery.

3. Aneik- has a big infected open sore on her knee that the bone was exposed at 1 point. She has been in the hospital for a week.

4. Steven- has been in the hospital for a month now. He has not received any answers and the hospital is not longer helping. We are moving him to a private clinic who has agreed to do more testing to help us figures out what is causing his fevers and leading to seizures.

5. Our sweet girl with spina Bifida has an infection and is hospitalized. She is in the hospital in PAP awaiting a surgery team coming in 2 weeks.

6. Valmara- needs craniofacial surgery and is in PAP to get a consult. 
7. We also just got a baby with bilateral club feet and cleft palate/lip that I will do clubfoot casting and will need surgery for her cleft lip/palate.


To this point I have only raised $500 please consider still donating towards making my birthday wish come true!!!! These kids really do need medical assistance. 

To get my ministry fully funded before August which marks my 10 years of ministry involvement in Haiti. The best way I can think to celebrate this landmark in my ministry is to  be fully funded so I can continue to do my ministry to the full capacity that God is opening up doors for. Since January I have received $500 more a month of sponsors but am still in need of $1,500 to be fully sponsored/supported. Will you consider becoming a monthly sponsor? Maybe $10 a month to celebrate a new decade of ministry or $30 a month to celebrate my birthday? Or making a 1x  donation that will help. Stay tuned for pictures and stories highlighting the last 10 years of ministry .
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