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Training Nationals to be Therapists continue to be a BIG passion and calling of mine. This year has been full of opportunities to contribute to this area. Starting in January I had 3 young men come for 10 weeks to the Miriam Center and do their level 2 clinical's for their Rehab Tech Degree and then in March I had 2 Young women come to do the same. Both of those group of students had the opportunity to work at STAND. The first set of students got to go to PAP to help at New Life children's Home and the second set of students got to help with PHOENIX RISING. This week my third set of students started. I have 1 student for 10 weeks  and 2 rehab tech volunteers for 3 months coming to get specialized training in pediatrics to help them get jobs in the future.
My first 3 students of the year plus my 2 Therapy Staff

I am planning on hiring 2 more Rehab Technicians to work at the Miriam Center in August. I am praying and looking for the right 2 people. Please join me in praying I will find the right 2 to join our Miriam Center team!

During the weak of STAND I had a wonderful group of Rehab Technicians working with me. I had my 2 Staff Bernadette and Monise. I also had my 2 Rehab Tech Students from LLU/UNAH Phoebe & Jenny. I also had 2 Rehab Techs that came to volunteer & get more pediatric experience Yvon and Erland.

During the week of STAND I had the wonderful opportunity of going to the Island of Tortuga with my therapy staff. It was a great time to get to know them better and just have fun together. With such a busy schedule we don't have a lot of time to just have fun. It is definitely a day I will treasure. I even convinced them to jump off a boat with me ;-P

I had the wonderful opportunity of teaching the first year OT & PT students at FSRL (Facultè des Sciences de Rèhabilitation) in Leogane Haiti for their course Introduction to Adaptive Equipment. I enjoyed sharing a wide arrange of adaptive equipment both OT and PT's use as well as how many of these pieces of equipment that are not easily available in Haiti can be made.

 I am thankful that the same week I was down in Leogane teaching their was an opportunity to attend a Continuing Education Course on Neurological Conditions And Their Treatment. It was taught by Shirley Celestin an OT that was born in Haiti but at a young age moved to the United States. Her daughter Nichole is a PT and was in Leogane for a month teaching a course on the spine. It was a privilege and Joy getting to know them both. We had about 21 participants in the 2 day course. We all learned a lot and enjoyed getting to meet other people in rehabilitation from different parts of Haiti.

Our Instructor Shirley and her daughter

A new OT friend I met at the class. Norma has been living in Haiti for years
and runs a pediatric and adult therapy clinic in Tabarre, Haiti (around PAP).
 I am very interested in visiting some day!

This is Carman an OT from Canada. She is helping to develop clinical education program
for FSRL as that is what she is over at a University in Quebec. Really enjoyed
getting to know her over the week I was there. 

Janet is the Dean of FSRL. An AMAZING OT that has sacrificed
so much to get OT going in Haiti!

Most Everyone who attended the CEU Course on Neuro diagnosis and treatment

Some of the Rehab Techs that I know from LLU/UNAH Program
so good to catch up and see them!

I came down to PAP early in May for the purpose of interviewing some Rehab Technicians that have yet to find work. The main purpose was to help hire 2 Rehab Technicians for New Life Children's Home. I have had multiple organizations who are beginning to seek out pediatric rehab technicians in preparation for starting programming for their special needs kids in orphanage settings. I have been able to help place 3 of the 7 rehab techs Erin and I interviewed. The others need some more training in pediatrics prior to placement. 2 came up and were able to volunteer for the 2 weeks of STAND and gain some more experience. I have also created a volunteer opportunity for this summer at the mission for 2 Rehab Technicians so far I have 1 confirmed and still working to fill other spot.  During the 3 months we will be going through a pediatric training curriculum that I have written. It was also a blessing to visit my friend (and fellow CTEN missionary's) Therapy Clinic in PAP. I loved getting to see her in action and to learn from her. I was able to help her make some hand splints for some of her stroke patients and I got to learn about her group stroke exercise class and participate. It was a great few days together!

The name of Erin's Clinic

Participating and learning about her Stroke Group Exercise class. 

Her clinic inside. Minus her amazing workshop space she has!

Enjoying a day in PAP together with YUMMY FAjita's and swimming pool. 

Nicholson and Estephyole continue to be working and studying hard at FSRL. Nicholson is going for his bachelors PT degree and Estephyole for her bachelors OT degree. They are both very active in AHE/HAOT the Haiti Association for Occupational Therapy. They are finishing up their first year of classes. It has been a very challenging year. They have had 16 classes at the same time all year long! I honestly don't know if I could do it. But they are dedicated and super hard working and are determined to succeed. I don't know if I have met anybody else as passionate as these 2 are about therapy. I am still trying to raise $200 per month to help them out with their schooling costs. The have received a partial scholarship through the university but still have to find the funds for housing and food and everyday things. If you would consider becoming a $10 or $25 a month sponsor for them please let me know and then CLICK HERE to set up a recurring donation.

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